Logo inspiration

Tripwire Magazine has a great article containing lots of inspiration for creating a logo.

40+ Logo Galleries Pure Inspiration for Logo Designers

“One of the best ways to kick start a new project is to search the logo galleries for inspiration or even search the www for inspiration on colorful logo design, examples of symmetrical logo design or whatever fits your current assignment. In addition, you can follow some logo tutorials to get new ideas and learn some techniques.”


Here is terrific article on the logo design process by Paula Scher.

What they don’t teach you about identity design in design schools…

“Identity design, for any organization containing more than three people, is the act of diplomatically negotiating personal egos, tastes, and aspirations of various invested individuals against their business needs, their pre-formed expectations, and the constraints of the market place. Making something formalistically beautiful, while desirable, is a more private part of the process, something that the designer needs to achieve incidentally, not something that can appear to be an overt motivating cause.  (This is because form is subjective, and not an easily argued position when a designer is trying to get their client to feel comfortable assuming a new identity.)”